Training Seminars

What are they?

A series of half day or whole day training seminars covering the following modules:

  • Module 1: Basics about energy efficiency services, covering project phases and processes, financing and the European Code of Conduct for EPC
  • Module 2: Quality assessment criteria, financial and procurement guidelines
  • Module 3: Quality assurance frameworks, processes and lessons learnt from pilot projects
  • Module 4: Detailed seminar on how to operate the quality assurance process for assurance providers and certification bodies that are looking to offer assurance services as part of the national scheme

Who should participate?

Training seminars will be open to all market stakeholders, and in particular will target:

  • Energy and procurement managers within client organisations buying or considering energy efficiency services
  • Assurance providers and certification bodies
  • Financial institutions
  • Policy makers

Why should I participate?

  • Free training and professional development from leading experts
  • Learn about quality assurance criteria and schemes being developed as part of the QualitEE project
  • Gain market insight



How do I register for a training seminar?

At least three training seminars will be run by each partner country. Join our mailing list to be the first to receive information and registration details about training seminars in your region.

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