Pilot Projects

To test the quality criteria and assurance procedures, the QualitEE project has engaged with 28 pilot projects in 11 European countries that span a diverse range of energy efficiency services. The projects represent 33 million Euros of investment, 33 GWh of annual primary savings and over 9,200 tons of annual CO2 emissions savings.

The following page outlines pilot projects conducted in Belgium and offers downloads of application reports that cover key project facts, technical aspects and feedback to the application of quality criteria.


  • Municipal Buildings in City of St.Niklaas

    Municipal Buildings in City of St.Niklaas

    Overview: Energy efficiency measures in 9 municipal buildings with a floor area of 53 000 m2 and a total energy consumption of 530 000 EUR a year.  This includes schools, sport halls, administrative buildings and a museum.

    The project does not only aim to achieve an ambitious energy savings target (*) – in line with the climate ambitions of the city – but also includes the full maintenance of the buildings, including the major part of the technical installation as well as the building envelope (roof and windows). The contract duration is limited to 10 years but thanks to the application of the innovative ‘residual value’ concept in the contract, the ESCO is motivated to propose investments based on a long term strategy (20 to 30 years).

    (*) The expected energy savings and investment cannot be disclosed in public as procurement of the project is ongoing.

  • University Campus VUB, Brussels

    University Campus VUB, Brussels

    Overview: The VUB (‘Free University of Brussels-VUB’) launched an ESC-project (Energy supply contract) for its university campus in Brussels. The district heating system consists of 5 boilers with a thermal capacity of 20 MW and a distribution network of 3.4 km. The system provides heat for 15 buildings. The ESC-project is part of an investment programme aiming for climate neutrality of the university in 2050.

    (*) The expected energy savings and investment cannot be disclosed in public as the procurement is being prepared

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