Business Models For Quality Assurance

One of the objectives of the QualitEE Project is to implement national quality assurance schemes for energy efficiency services. This is considered to be a critical next step to be taken towards European standardisation.

The quality assurance schemes developed for each Country aim to scale up investment in energy efficiency in buildings by establishing quality certification frameworks for energy efficiency services across Europe, which do not currently exist.

In the Business models for quality assurance schemes report, 10 shortlisted business models – selected by QualitEE partners from a long list of 84 – are presented, described and analysed. The aim of the report is to inform the development of functioning quality-assurance business models for energy efficiency services across Europe.

To further increase understanding, the attributes and qualities of the different quality assurance schemes were categorised, and a benchmarking framework developed to allow for comparison of the business models.

The business models analysed in the report are:

  • DECA Quality Label
  • Thermoprofit
  • BUND “Energy Saving Hospital” Certificate
  • ISO
  • CHPQA Certificate
  • Passive House
  • Energy Performance Contracting – Standard Contract (Austria)
  • ANESE Certificate
  • Klimaaktiv Building Standard
  • ZMRK Quality Label in Construction