National Promotion Teams

Each project partner is establishing a National Promotion Team within their country, to include members that represent each of the key stakeholder groups. These National Promotion Teams aim to drive the necessary national engagement and business development to ensure sustainable long-term uptake of national quality assurance schemes before the end of the project.

Members of these teams will be required to involve a broader national audience including: public and private clients, financial institutions, energy service providers, standardisation, certification bodies and policymakers.

They will operate through national discussion platforms that will review and input into:

  • The development of European technical quality assessment criteria
  • The development of additional nationally specific quality assessment criteria
  • The most suitable quality assurance business model to be applied, implementation strategy, process rationale, marketing, partnerships, management structure and risk management

The main objective of the discussion platforms is to obtain commitment from market sectors and to establish demand for a national energy efficiency services assurance scheme.

In addition, feedback collected from these discussion platforms will be used to extract lessons for the implementation of national assurance schemes across the consortium.

The National Promotion Teams typically comprise of promoters, associations of energy service providers, certification bodies, public authorities and financing institutions.

Initial teams were established during the QualitEE project bid stage, where Letters of Support were received from interested stakeholders in each country, which highlights their commitment to input time and expertise into the project activities. Organisations include; TÜV – an internationally recognised certification body, and ING – a global financial institution.

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