The QualitEE energy efficiency services survey was conducted in 2017, and several questions updated in 2019. In 2017, it was completed by 188 respondents from 15 European Countries (109 providers and 79 facilitators of energy efficiency services) and in 2019, by 173 respondents (97 providers and 76 facilitators) across the same countries. The questions focus on understanding the state of the market for the key energy efficiency services; energy performance contracting (EPC) and energy supply contracting (ESC).

This interactive online presentation of the results gives you the opportunity to review responses relating to EPC and ESC separately, and to compare results from different countries. The 2017 and 2019 results have been presented alongside similar market studies in 2013 and 2015 that were conducted as part of the Transparense project. Where this is available you can select between the years or see a time series to explore the trends over time.

We hope that you find the research useful. You are free to download and use the data and charts for any purpose but please reference “Source:”. If you would like a copy of the full anonymised dataset please contact

  • EES Market

    EES Market

    This section explores the number, value and client base for energy efficiency services. We also sense to what extent the sector is growing, whilst looking to understand this by identifying key barriers and drivers to business.

  • EES Finance

    EES Finance

    Encouraging the flow of third party finance into energy efficiency services is a key driver of the European Union grant behind the QualitEE project. This section reviews current finance methods and how easy it is to secure external funding streams.

  • EES Service Quality

    EES Service Quality

    This is the focus of our market research which is being used inform the development of quality criteria and assurance schemes. Here we explore views on service quality, areas for improvement and feasibility of potential quality assurance schemes.