Project Timeline

QualitEE project Milestones

2013 - 2015Execution of forerunner project: Transparense
Summer 2016Submission of QualitEE project bid to Horizon 2020 under the call EE-24-2016-2017
June 2017QualitEE project launched
June 2017 Discussion workshop – Vienna
Q4 2017Market research – 2017 survey results published on website
Q4 2017Pilot projects – shortlisting
November 2017Discussion workshop – Prague
Q1 2018European discussion workshops - Brussels
Q2 2018Discussion workshop – Vienna
Q4 2018Training seminars start
Q4 2018Market research reports published
Q4 2018Publication of Financial Guidelines
Q1 2019Discussion workshop – Riga
Q2 2019Publication of Procurement Handbook
Q3 2019Discussion workshop – Madrid
Q4 2019Market Research – 2019 survey results published on website
Q2 2020Publication of European Quality Assessment Guidelines
Q2 2020Publication of case studies on pilot projects
Q2 2020Publication of National Business Cases for Quality Assurance
Q2 2020QualitEE project European Conference Session
Juin 2020QualitEE project ends

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