Business Case for UK Quality Assurance Scheme for Energy Performance Contracting

A proposal for a UK scheme to accredit EPC providers has been developed and refined through extensive consultation with market stakeholders. The main features of the scheme are as follows:

  • Trade association leadership by ESTA, the UK Energy Services and Technology Association
  • Company accreditation through biennial audit of company capability and a sample project audit
  • Sample project audits to review projects in operation, i.e. past first savings verification point
  • Verification by independent auditors to be appointed by ESTA
  • Public register of accredited EPC providers maintained online by ESTA along with quality criteria and case studies.

The business case is outlined in detail in the following report.

From a Contractor’s perspective, a scheme that can offer independent assurance by a nationally recognised trade body that shows we deliver high quality energy performance contracting services, is very appealing. It helps us to secure the business case with clients and at an industry level it can build trust to help increase uptake and speed up transactions. Also, having a publicly available set of quality assessment criteria gives clients more information and certainty on what to expect, and provides us with a helpful self assessment tool to ensure we are always delivering to a high standard.

Chris Yeo, Head of Energy Optimisation, Vital Energi

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