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Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, the QualitEE project aims to increase investment in energy efficiency services in the building sector within the EU and improve trust in service providers. This will be achieved by developing quality assessment criteria and implementing quality assurance schemes.

The QualitEE consortium comprises 12 partner organisations covering 18 European countries, an expert advisory board including the European standards body CEN/CENELEC, and 59 supporters from major financial institutions, government bodies, trade associations and certification bodies.

Draft quality assessment criteria have been published – view here

Types of Energy Efficiency Services

The QualitEE project will focus on the following types of energy efficiency services.


The QualitEE project is engaging with European and National stakeholders in the development of quality assessment criteria and assurance schemes for energy efficiency services.

Organisations including: private and public clients of energy efficiency services, facilitators and providers of energy efficiency services, financial institutions, Government bodies, national associations and certification bodies, will all benefit from a raising of standards in energy efficiency services projects.

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Key Facts


UK EPC projects need improvement

Over 60% of UK respondents identified that - in particular - energy auditing, measurement & verification, communication and contractual transparency aspects need improvement.


Quality assurance could increase trust

66% of UK respondents expect that a quality assurance scheme would increase trust in EPC projects and providers


Complexity & lack of information are barriers to uptake

60% of UK respondents reported that complexity and lack of information were key barriers to investment in EPC.


High project development and procurement costs restrict investment

65% of UK respondents reported that high project development costs were the main barriers to investment in EPC.

Source: QualitEE market research

How To Participate

The principal objectives of the QualitEE project are to establish quality assessment criteria and to implement these in national quality assurance schemes, which become autonomous beyond the end of the project.

To achieve these objectives we are engaging with stakeholders via national discussion platforms to; achieve broad consensus on the local needs for quality assurance; allow market stakeholders to input into the development of criteria and schemes; gain ‘buy-in’ from key stakeholders to drive uptake of the schemes.

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Our project parters are running a series of half day and whole day training seminars covering the following modules; basics about energy efficiency services; quality assessment criteria, financial and procurement guidelines; quality assurance frameworks, processes and lessons learnt from pilot projects; and a detailed seminar on how to operate the quality assurance process for assurance providers and certification bodies that are looking to offer assurance services as part of the national scheme.

These free training and professional development sessions from leading experts will enable you to learn about quality assurance criteria and schemes being developed as part of the QualitEE project.

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The QualitEE consortium will test the application of quality criteria and assurance processes in 24 pilot projects. Case studies will be published on this website to highlight the benefits of the quality assurance process and lessons learnt.

We are currently requesting the submission of pilot projects. These will be selected to test the application of the quality assurance criteria and assurance processes. During the pilot projects, energy service providers and their clients will be guided in how to integrate the quality assurance criteria – developed as part of the QualitEE project – into their service contracts and independent quality assurance will be offered.

The QualitEE project partners will provide expert support throughout the pilot projects from the procurement, through to the measurement and verification phase.

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